Cultural Appreciation

A cultural program that showcases various elements of our culture is held annually at one of our chapters. The annual venue is rotational and correlates to the Annual General Meeting. For 2019, the host chapter will be Dallas, Texas. Contact Us for more info.

miss kalenjin

Several seminars and presentations take place throughout the year in several of our chapters and various topics inclusive of such topics as career development, marriage, work, alcohol and drug abuse, healthy living, religion, culture among other topics. Contact Us for more info.

STEM & Arts

Gotabgaa International values education and has placed great emphasis on STEM programs in alignment with the goals of various education stakeholders. Contact Us for more info.

International Students

Mentoring international students can help ease their transition and timely advice on career choices and work options is significantly beneficial to the new students. Contact Us for more info.

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Gotabgaa International encourages its members to be active in athletics and sports competitions. Various of our members have won national and international athletics awards. Contact Us for more info.

Benevolence Fund

As a community, we always come together to support one of our own facing any kind of challenges. A National Benevolence Fund was created to address the needs of Gotabgaa members spread all over the country. Contact Us for more info.